Do you want to save money on car insurance? Who

Do you want to save money on car insurance? Who doesnt? There are several smart strategies you can employ to lower your car insurance premiums that dont involve being a lesser driver. Here are 7 that stand out.
First, shop around. Dont settle on the same car insurance company year after year. Some companies may offer the same service at better prices than others. Its worth a few minutes of research to ask for multiple quotes from other providers and compare.
Second, inquire about discounts. Many companies offer special discounts for certain professions, such as teachers and military personnel, for example. They may also offer discounts based on your use of their services, such as full payment of a premium, or if you enroll in paperless billing. You can even get a discount for being a customer for a certain length of time!
Third, increase your deductible. Quite often, when you raise your deductible the amount you pay for your premium will decrease. Dont be tempted to raise your deductible imprudently though. If you cant afford the deductible if an accident does happen, its not worth it.
Fourth, become a one-car household. Try carpooling with a partner, or taking public transportation where possible. The less you drive the lower your premiums may be. And speaking of carpooling
Fifth, consider adding other drivers to your policy. Adding a more experienced driver, or a spouse, to your policy may qualify you for deeper discounts.
Sixth, review your policy at least once a year. Your needs are always changing and your car insurance policy should reflect those changes. If you move, get a new car, or just want to double check your coverage to make sure its still a good fit for you, a yearly review is key to keeping your premium in check.
Seventh, install safety devices in your car. Things like air bags, anti-theft alarms, and anti-lock brakes can lead to lower car insurance premiums.
Smart Strategies for Lowering Your Car Insurance: Go paperless. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for opting for paperless billing. Not just is it greener, but it could be cheaper, too.
Be a safe driver. Be a safe driver and show your car insurance company the records to show it. Companies may offer discounts, such as accident prevent and drivers education discounts, for drivers who can prove they are great drivers.
Evaluate your coverage. Are you paying for more coverage than what you need? If you are, youre probably paying more than you should. Dont be afraid to have a coverage conversation with your car insurance agent and figure out what coverage you actually need.
Include all drivers on the policy. Dont make the mistake of blindly adding drivers to your policy before inquiring with your agent. Some car insurance companies may require all living members of a household to be included on a policy, while other companies may give you more options. Find out whats best for your family, and only pay for what you need.
Review your policy for savings opportunities. You may qualify for a variety of discounts that you dont know about, such as discounts for maintaining a good credit score or having certain anti-theft and safety features on your car. Take the time to research, ask questions, and review your policy to take advantage of such discounts.
Choose a company with great customer service. There are a few car insurance companies that not only offer great rates, but also provide excellent customer service. Do some investigating and find out which companies have the best track record so you can get the perfect combination of savings and service.
Bundle your policies. Many car insurance companies offer lower rates if you bundle your auto insurance with other types of coverage such as your homeowners insurance policy or renters insurance. It may be worth it to bundle all of your policies and save yourself some cash.
Smart Strategies for Lowering Your Car Insurance: Look into pay-per-mile programs. A number of car insurance companies offer pay-per-mile programs which may be a cost-saving option if you dont drive a lot. Find out from your car insurance agent or provider if a pay-per-mile program is right for you.
Be willing to change companies. Depending on the price of insurance in your area, you may find that switching car insurance companies every year or two might help you save. After all, several companies offer new customer discounts, and each one has something a little different to offer.
Enroll in defensive driving courses. Most states offer defensive driving courses that provide you with a certificate of completion to provide to your car insurance company. Even if your state doesnt require taking these courses, they can be a great way to receive car insurance discounts.
Take advantage of rewards programs. Some car insurance companies have their own rewards programs that give you discounts in exchange for using their services or referring friends. These rewards can add up quickly, so dont pass up the chance to get some extra money off of your premiums.
Upgrade your vehicle. If youre in the market for a new car, its worth considering a more secure vehicle. Cars with better safety ratings tend to cost less to insure, so if you make an upgrade it may benefit you in the long run.
Be loyal. Sticking with the same car insurance company for a few years will usually get you in line to become a longevity rewarded customer. Keep those records up-to-date and inquire about rewards for being loyal for a designated period of time.
Consider multiple policy discounts. If youre carrying multiple policies with the same company, such as your car, homeowners, and life insurance, most companies will offer multiple policy discounts.
Smart Strategies for Lowering Your Car Insurance: Take advantage of technology. If your insurer offers car insurance monitoring devices and apps, take advantage of them. Being able to track your miles and driving habits will likely lead to discounts, so snap up the savings and reduce your premiums while youre at it.
Revisit your coverage. Evaluating your coverage and your current driving habits on a regular basis is the best way to ensure youre paying the most competitive and best rates. Make sure to double check both your actual usage and the coverage you have.
Ask about usage-based car insurance. Usag-based car insurance, or pay-as-you-drive insurance, is becoming more and more popular. These types of programs allow companies to figure out your premiums based on your actual driving habits.
Invest in low-cost maintenance. Believe it or not, spending money to maintain your car well and regularly can actually save you money in the long run. Routine maintenance helps keep your car running smoothly and safely, and many insurers will reduce your premium for being such a dedicated car owner.
Insure multiple cars. If you have multiple cars in your family, insurance companies tend to offer family plans that could save you a significant amount. Speak with your insurance company and take advantage of their family plan discounts.
Enroll in a multi-vehicle plan. If you insure multiple cars with one company, you may still be able to save more. Some companies offer discounts for having multiple cars on a multi-car insurance plan, so inquire and get your premiums down.
Be honest. This might be difficult to believe, but telling the truth may help save you money. Oops, we mean it! Telling the truth on your insurance application can be rewarding in the long run. After all, if the company finds out that you omitted key information they will most likely cancel your policy and youll be on the hook for the full cost.
Smart Strategies for Lowering Your Car Insurance: Dont be complacent. Complacency can be costly. Set yourself a car insurance premium goal, know when your renewal comes up, and be proactive in researching your options to make sure youre always getting the best rates available.
Look for loyalty rewards. Inquire first with your provider to find out if they offer any loyalty rewards for loyal customers. Even if youre not in the market for a new policy, it never hurts to call and ask.
Check into good student discounts. If you have a student in your family, look into the good student discounts. Car insurance companies may give discounts for students who maintain a certain GPA or take certain drivers education courses.
Look for reviews online. When researching car insurance companies, make sure to check out customer reviews on various websites. Seeing how customers rate their car insurance companies can be a great way to know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for the right policy.
Avoid tickets. This one might seem obvious, but getting a ticket or being involved in an accident can cause your premiums to skyrocket. Avoiding tickets and accidents is the best way to keep the costs of your car insurance down.
Put your policies on autopay. Most car insurance companies will offer automatic payment discounts. Look into setting up autopay and ensuring your policy is renewed automatically without missing a payment date.
Look into discounts for no at-fault incident claims. If you can prove that you havent had any at-fault incident claims in the recent past, you may qualify for a no-claims discount. So, if youve kept your nose clean, you should follow up with your insurer and reap the rewards.