Understanding Non Owner Car Insurance and Its Advantages

Understanding Non Owner Car Insurance and Its Advantages
Non-owner car insurance is an area that often goes misunderstood. For many, the concept of not owning a vehicle but needing to insure one still baffles. Non-owner car insurance covers individuals who don’t own their own vehicle but drive borrowed vehicles such as a rental car, borrowed from a friend or borrowed for work reasons. It provides basic liability coverage and pays for the expenses of the person you are liable for when an accident happens. This means that if you cause an accident, your non-owner car insurance coverage will pay for any bodily injuries, property damages and other legal costs arising from the accident.

Understanding non-owner car insurance and its advantages is important for those who are either unable to afford their own vehicle or those who only need insurance for a short period of time. Briefly, if you don’t have your own car but occasionally rent or borrow cars for business, vacation or other purpose, non-owner car insurance can provide you protection and peace of mind in case of an accident. It covers liability for any injury, property damage or other legal costs that are caused in an accident. It also acts as a form of excess liability insurance for drivers, that is, if your friend or employer’s car insurance policy limits are not enough to cover the cost of an accident, you can involve your non-owner car insurance policy and it can provide you with extended coverage.

Moreover, non-owner car insurance premiums are usually much lower than those of normal liability insurance. One of the advantages of using non-owner car insurance is that it may be possible for you to carry the same policy with one insurer for a longer period of time, thus allowing for a slightly lower premium. It also saves you money on repair or replacement costs in case an accident happens.

Furthermore, non-owner car insurance may be the only option for some people who have had their licenses revoked or suspended. If you’re in this situation, this kind of insurance provides the only available route and it may still be cheaper than purchasing a regular vehicle insurance policy. Additionally, non-owner car insurance can help protect your good driving record. In case you are in a car accident and you have non-owner car insurance, your driving record may remain exempt from the incident.

Finally, getting non-owner car insurance provides access to rental car liability protection and roadside assistance as well. This means that in case of an emergency, you will be able to call for help and get the cars fixed even if they are not registered in your name. This is very valuable if you are travelling and you don’t have a car that you own.

When we consider the other topics relating to non-owner car insurance, it is easy to understand why one would need to purchase this type of policy. There are many situations that may arise in which one needs to travel or rent a car yet cannot afford a regular insurance policy. With non-owner car insurance, they are able to purchase short term coverage that offers them the same protection they would receive if they are purchasing a regular insurance policy.

Rental car coverage is an additional feature of non-owner car insurance. This provides coverage when one is renting or borrowing a vehicle. With rental car coverage, one is able to get financial protection for the damage that may occur while using the rental vehicle. This coverage extends to both property damage and personal injury liability.

Roadside Assistance is another helpful service that non-owner car insurance provides. This can be very helpful for those who are stranded on the side of the road or need assistance in a car related emergency. This type of coverage typically offers towing service, locksmith services, hotel stays, and car rental reimbursement in the event of an emergency.

Also, the cost-savings by opting for non-owner car insurance is the biggest advantage for people who want to purchase liability coverage. Non-owner auto insurance typically cost much less than acquiring a full-coverage policy from a standard auto insurer. This usually occurs due to the fact that one is not owning a car but simply borrowing or renting it for short periods of time.

Moreover, an important advantage of non owner car insurance is that it allows drivers to maintain a good driving record. If an accident does occur while using a rental or borrowed vehicle, the driver can make sure that their own personal driving record is not affected. This, in turn, would also reduce the risk of facing higher insurance premium rates.

In addition, getting non-owner car insurance may enable one to join an auto club. Certain auto clubs provide additional coverage, such as discounts on car rentals or roadside assistance, to their members who have non-owner car insurance. This not only helps the individual save money, but also gets them access to exclusive services and benefits that would not be available otherwise.

Finally, buying non-owner car insurance means that drivers are able to avoid having to pay for additional insurance by a rental company. By opting for their own non-owner car insurance policy, they can save up to fifteen percent that is typically added to a cost of a rental car.

In conclusion, understanding the advantages of non-owner car insurance is important for those who do not own a car. While there are a few drawbacks such as the coverage limits or the need to get additional forms of insurance, the relative lower costs and the freedom it gives to those to drive a car without owning one, should make it a worthwhile option for those considering it.